Whether you’re preparing a long or short journey abroad, a trip to savannas, or an adventure to an exotic shores, you may start thinking about which jewelry to bring along and which to leave home. 

Today’s article will give you some great actionable pointers. 

Advice #1: What to leave?

Whether your travel is short or long, keep in mind a trip is a break from your usual routine. 

The first piece of advice is not to bring anything you’re going to worry about losing. Leave home everything that has a great sentimental value for you or just expensive, unless this jewelry is a vital part of your travel plans. 

Advice #2: What to bring?

Take only a few jewelry pieces that are very versatile and fit to any of your travel outfits: a couple of affordable, inexpensive studs, tiny hoops, little pendants, a chain-link bracelet – pieces that will work effortlessly with different outfits, like ones you can find in this Simple Geometrcollection.

Advice #3: Do I bring any statement jewelry?

You may also want to include a couple of statement items as well to spruce up your style. 

Advice #4: Note!

Only take the jewelry you wore before and know that they fit your clothes and do not cause allergic reactions.

Advice #5: Yes, but what about my engagement and wedding rings?

Wedding and engagement rings are usually quite pricey and have a lot of sentimental value. 

If you want to travel worry-free, leave both engagement and wedding rings at home and use cheaper but similar-looking replacements. 

This suggestion is still valid even if your wedding and engagement rings have precious stones on them, like 

ruby, topaz, or crystals: consider a look-a-like replacement. 

Advice #6: Our Top Suggestion!

Our top travel suggestion is to consider Stainless Steel Jewelry for your travel. 

It is great-looking, cheaper, good as any gold or silver pieces, more durable, hard to scratch, and water and sand-resistant.

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