Best Anarkali Suits That Perfectly Match Every Body Figure


Anarkalis, the epitome of ethnic wear for women, never fail to add an element of elegance and richness to your attire, no matter what the occasion is. Their subtlety lies within their ability to express your taste and make you more appealing like never before.

Ladies suit like anarkalis come in all shapes, patterns, designs and colours. For maximising their potential of adding glory to you, you must pick one that reads your body figure correctly. Different women have different body shapes, all beautiful and graceful in their ways. But a wrong match might obstruct your flow of exquisiteness and lead you to the opposite side.

Therefore, you must understand your body figure and what it needs to leave an enticing silhouette. So, in this article, we shall discuss the best Anarkali suits according to different body figures.

Apple Body Shape

Women with this figure tend to have shoulders wider than hips and shapely legs. In simpler terms, the upper half of the body (till the tummy) is broader and heavier in appearance than the lower half. In such cases, the best way to dress is to counter the apple shape by making the upper half seem lighter and the lower half more balanced accordingly.

For example, anarkalis with an empire waistline help accentuate the right parts. Moreover, pick the ones with less embroidery work near the neck areas and wider hemline borders.

Pear Body Shape

With a more curvy side to your body, a pear-shaped figure has less broad shoulders, bust, and comparatively wider hips and thighs. Whilst most Indian women have a pear-shaped body, not all are aware of the right technique to styling an Anarkali on it.

Having a curvy figure can be a cherry on the top of the cake since you already have been blessed with honed features and smooth edges. But to let your shape rhyme with fashion, you need to focus on bringing out the shoulder part more.

Go with floor-length anarkalis ending with voluminous flares, rich and thick with exotic necklines and heaving embroidered blouses or even jackets. Moreover, you can also pick anarkalis that are dual-toned, with the upper region having a darker colour compared to the lower one.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Slightly similar to an apple-shaped body, the only difference between the two is an inverted triangle body shape does not have a round tummy and instead flows like an inverted triangle from the lower chest area up till the legs. It gives the person a more athletic outline to your body.

As stated before, if the halves are not in balance, the best approach is to counter-attack, meaning highlighting the parts that need more weight. Hence, women with an inverted triangle body shape must go with anarkalis flared from the bottom.

Hourglass Body Shape

The most balanced and symmetrical of all body shapes, with an hourglass figure, you need not spend more time learning all the how-tos for styling right. You can pick up any design that pleases your eyes unless the fabric weighs way more than your body’s ability to bear. Avoid adding more girth to your shape by choosing a light material.


Whichever body figure you own, the fact that needs pressing attention is that all of them are precious and beautiful. Highlighting some parts or taking attention from others does not mean you are demeaning your body shape in any way.

It just adds more sync with the right styling methodology, one of the essential things in the fashion industry. A correctly styled Anarkali from a platform like AMPM will only lead you to get those feel-good vibes about yourself and a graceful walk with heightened confidence.

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