Be Sure of the Perfection of the Diamond Engagement Rings


If your fiancée is very sensitive to the fact of wearing her two jewels on the same finger, you will have to be careful to choose an engagement ring that allows it: in general, it is better to choose a straight ring and a center stone that is not too voluminous, or so raised enough in its basket to pass over the wedding ring. As you choose the Diamond engagement rings you can be sure of the perfection of the item.

What Is 18cts Or 750 Thousandths Gold?

Gold 750 thousandths (750 ‰) and 18 carats (18cts) are the two terminologies accepted to designate the same thing: the precious metal of choice used in jewelry. Indeed, contrary to what one might think, we do not use pure gold (also called 24 carats) in jewelry because it would be too soft to be worked properly.

Thus, gold 750 thousandths or 18cts designates a mixture of 75% fine gold (pure gold therefore) and 25% of other metals such as silver and copper which will harden the alloy. It is this proportion (what is called the “title” in technical language) which gives its name to 750 thousandths gold.

There are also other materials used in jewelry: 14k gold and 9k gold. These have a lower proportion of pure gold in the alloy: 37% in the case of 9 karat gold and 58.5% in the case of 14 karat gold. Less expensive, their hold is however less good over time. This explains why 18kt gold constitutes the perfect balance between resistance and hardness and has made it the benchmark metal in jewelry for decades.

What Is A “Carat”? Is The Karat Of A Stone The Same As The Karat Of Gold?

The karat or karat system (both spellings are possible) was invented in the 14th century to simplify the use of gold in trade. It is simply a unit of measure for the purity of precious metals such as gold. For stones, we also use the term carat .we must however distinguish between the two concepts. This is because “carat” is used as a unit of mass for gemstones. For a diamond, we will say for example that it “weighs” or “makes” 1 carat: it is quite simply its weight. A carat is worth exactly 0.2 grams nowadays it used to correspond to the weight of a carob seed, which had the reputation of presenting a little variable weight from one seed to another hence the term “carat”! In short, beware: the carat of gold is not the same as the carat of stones!

Choose the Jewel That Matches Her Style: The Solitary

Instead, she wears plain, understated colors, and generally doesn’t like her clothes to be flashy. She shuns everything that is bling or “have you seen me” and recognizes herself in a discreet style. Whether for clothes or accessories, she appreciates having objects that can be worn in all circumstances and is always afraid of getting bored of something that would be a fad. She does not wear precious jewelry, or if she does, they are rather thin and discreet.

The Paved Solitaire

She wears more solid colors, attaches importance to having a neat style and avoids errors of taste. For her, elegance is an attitude: she pays attention to her style, but avoids logos which can be perceived as bling or have you seen me. She appreciates a touch of sophistication to enhance an outfit (a pretty bag, a cashmere scarf, lipstick, pretty braided sandals etc.). She wears discreet jewelry: ear chips, a diamond pendant, and thin bracelets.

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