Argentina: The Paradise of Leather Accessories


The demand for leather products has grown incredibly over the years. It is considered to be one of the top materials that are being used for a variety of accessories since ancient times. It can be easily cut into the required shape since it is durable, light in weight, and strong.

The most famous location for these leather accessories is known to be Argentina. Argentina leather goods are widely popular across the world. There are various leather shops present in Argentina that are famous for their premium quality of leather.

There are several unique leather goods that one can purchase at an affordable price range. Sometimes, it becomes quite challenging to choose a single item from the most beautiful and elegant range of Argentina leather goods. So, here is the list of locations or goods that you can consider buying in Argentina.

Bargain Purchases

There are various shops present in the streets of Florida and Murillo, where you can find the best quality leather items. You have to be careful while locating the best or original quality leather products from the massive variety of Buenos Aires leather shops. You can check the zippers or the linings to confirm their quality before considering purchasing any of the leather products. The bad quality leather normally contains inflexible or hard surfaces and inconsistency. At the same time, high-quality leathers are normally soft and delicate. Therefore, you should search for the leather items that are soft to touch and with consistent colors. Besides, while purchasing any Argentina leather goods you must not accept the first price given to you; instead, try bargaining.

Unique Bags 

The Kennell’s showroom or shop includes various handbags that are rare to find and are filled with elegance. It contains a range of beautifully designed shoulder bags, handbags, and clutches. These leather products are really popular all around the place. These handbags are very delicate, smooth in texture, and light in weight. It is an incredible choice since it is made up of superior quality leather and lasts long. It includes a variety of tiny details that makes these bags extremely special and unique. It also includes traditional elements like the alpaca, horn, or onyx details.

If you want to purchase a bag that offers both beauty and function, you can check the Humawaca’s collections. These are created to help you store your gadgets. Besides, if you are looking for a set of neon color products, then Juanita Jo can be a great choice to start from. They offer a variety of bags that are vibrant and colorful.

Exotic Leather

If you are interested in obtaining exotic and premium Argentina leather goods, you can check out the leather products made by Delgè. These leather items are made from crocodile, lizard, and stingray skin. These sets contain leather cuffs mixed with gold or silver to add a slight brightness to your clothes. It also offers a collection of handmade bags and purses and has a stunning look to it. Although they are considered a bit costly, they offer superior quality that is difficult to find anywhere else. These skins are obtained legally with the abidance of the rules of the UN.

Carpincho is yet another leather that is unique and popular in Argentina. It is obtained mainly from the skin of capybara. This leather is very rare and offers numerous qualities like durability, stretchable, softness, etc. The variety of carpincho items present are handbags, jackets, and so on.

Leather Footwear 

Leather made footwear very stylish, elegant, and durable, making them the most sought after. These are a great choice of footwear for anyone wishing to get a pair of solid and rare looking boots.

A small set of leather shoes or footwear offered by the Hermanas Aguila includes various loafers and court shoes with a unique twist along with adorable ankle boots. It is available in small quantities and is easily affordable. You can also choose to order customized shoes based on your needs.

Leather Jackets

There are many shops present in Argentina or, more specifically, Buenos Aires that offer superior quality leather jackets. You can also find shops that take on customized orders to get yourself a beautifully designed leather jacket that fulfils your needs. Bettina Rizzi shop offers many options on leather-like goatskin, lambskin, baby calfskin, carpincho, and so on. The variety of jacket styles you can opt for are trench coats, biker jackets, cropped styles, etc.

Hence, these are some of the locations and shops present in Argentina for purchasing leather accessories. These leather goods are normally long-lasting and can add elegance to your collection.

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