A Guide to Bias Tape and for What Can You Utilize It for You


Bias tape is a great thing. In fact, it’s something that I have utilized from the beginning of my sewing journey, as well as is not something to be feared. As a matter of fact, as soon as you understand the stuff, you will LOVE it!

WHAT is Bias TAPE?

To comprehend Bias Tape, you require to recognize what the word “Bias” means.

If you check out an item of material that you’ve bought from the store, it has two sides that are equipment finished, which is called the selvage. The two selvage edges are always parallel to each other and are a means to find a straight side to your material. If you put your textile down before you, utilizing your selvage edge as your starting edge, will lower the textile off at a 90-degree angle. If you look really closely at your fabric, you will see small lines of material interlocking each other, if it’s a woven textile. And also, those grain lines will run specifically identical as well as perpendicular to your selvage edge.

Why Would You Required It?

Well, if you pull your textile throughout the Bias, if in fact has some stretch to it. See that?

However if you just pull the fabric across the regular grain, it won’t extend in any way.

So, single layer as well as double layer, why are there two selections?

Well, they’re utilized for different functions. Single Fold behaves because it’s basically a lengthy strip of material with both finishes folded up under, ready for use. Yet given that it’s reduced on the Bias, it can curve around edges well, and lays so beautifully. It can be used to hem curved sides, such as a circle skirt, around neck lines, etc. But it can, likewise, be used as readymade strips of trim that you can contribute to your projects.

Double layer is in fact what is used frequently. It sandwiches around a fabric edge as well as completes it off perfectly, with a completely crisp side of Bias Tape. Dual Fold can be utilized for necklines and hems, such as the Single Layer, it simply depends on if you want to see the Bias tape from the front of your project or otherwise.

However, using a different shade of Bias Tape can truly make a job POP!

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