A Grooms Guide To Get A Polished Looking Suit Jacket For Wedding


You must have heard that a well-tailored suit can really amp up your look at the wedding, but when you are aiming for that perfect look every little detail really matters. A proper suit includes a pair of two jackets and a pant that’s made out of the same fabric and is intended to be worn together.

The most important of all the different elements which together create a suit is a jacket. When you are considering to buy a suit as the groom wear in Pune, you’ll have to first find the best tailor who can craft you the suit that fits you perfectly.

Here are some things that you’ll have to decide on and discuss with your tailor to make your look polished.

Single vs. Double Breasted Suit Jacket

The first and foremost thing that you must decide on is if you want to sport a suit that’s single-breasted or double-breasted. A double-breasted suit is an old trend that is now only good for formal events where everyone is wearing double-breasted suits. You’re definitely well off with a single-breasted suit at your wedding, be it formal or casual.

The Fitting Of The Suit

The next important thing that needs your consideration would be that your suit must be well crafted and be like your second skin. In a perfect fit suit, you should be able to just slip your hand between the chest and the buttoned jacket. A perfect suit shouldn’t look shaggy and the shoulders should be a straight fit. Also, the length of the jacket of the suit should just be long enough to cover the hips and the front zip of the pants.

The Vents

Most experts agree on the fact that there are three major styles of suit jackets, named after the countries in which they originated, i.e., English, American and Italian. The vents behind the suit jacket are important and form the basis of the three different styles of suit that exist. An Italian suit generally has no vent at the back, an American one has a single vent in the middle and the English one has two side vents.

Types Of Lapels

There are three common types of lapels, i.e, Notch lapels, Peak lapels and Shawl lapels from which you can choose one that suits you the most. Each lapel design is unique and looks great in its own way. A shawl lapel is usually used in a tuxedo that’s usually considered as a dinner jacket. So, for marriage you’re better off with notch and peak lapels.

Width Of The Tie

We have seen many men get it wrong when it comes to selecting the necktie that goes with well with the suit. The two things that need attention when selecting the right colour is that it must complement the colors of the shirt and the type of ceremony you are wearing it to. A red tie is perfect to draw attention while a blue one is perfect for a sophisticated look. When deciding on the patterned tie, ensure that the pattern doesn’t match with the pattern of the shirt. The golden rule for the width of the tie is that it should match the width of the lapels and the length should be kept such that it just touches the belt buckle.

Pocket Types

Yes, when you are going for a customised wedding suit, it is important that you also consider which type of pocket you want for it. There are basically 5 types of pockets you can choose from.

  • Patch Pocket: Not an ideal choice for wedding wear, a patch pocket requires a piece of fabric to be sewed to the suit on the outside forming a pocket.
  • Ticket Pocket: A pocket with a raised welt piping that is cut into the suit itself instead of using another piece of fabric.
  • Flap Pocket: A flap pocket is a slit pocket that’s covered with a flap. It’ll add a touch of thickness to the hip.
  • Angled Pocket: If you want the suit jacket to be classier and sporty, then you can choose an angled pocket. Remember that an angled pocket should always have a flap.
  • Jetted Pocket: A jetted pocket is more dress than any of the above-mentioned pockets and is usually found in a tuxedo.

Wear a wedding suit is something that needs to be refined and requires your careful attention so that it is perfect in every sense and reflects your personality.

Discussing these few little details will help you to have a well-constructed suit jacket that’s carefully crafted and will be perfect to set a high sartorial standard at your wedding.

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