A Flower Is Worth A Thousand Words


Flowers remain the most popular gift option and for obvious reasons. They smell great, look amazing, and speak a language that words could never do justice to. The smile on Mother’s Day when you wake up to a fresh bouquet of your favourite flowers, the enchanting romance of roses on Valentines Day, and the soothing qualities of flowers on a grave all speak of the power flowers have in creating memories in our lives. With hundreds of thousands of different flower species on our planet, finding one that captures the true essence of your emotion is easy. Every country embraces flowers differently, with historical and cultural influences paving the way flowers are symbolised. However, even in the diverse meaning and symbolism, every country has one constant: flowers will bloom before, during, and after our existence. Florists in Cleveland understand the role flowers play in our lives and help us capture a voice with unspoken words.

Floral Psychology

Humankind is biologically linked to nature, and the effects of long term separation from it are evident in our overall health. Our bodies’ natural response to nature is the synchronised alignment of our minds, body and spirit. We feel at peace and energised when we spend time cultivating and pruning ourselves in nature, and the sheer beauty of it all puts us in a euphoric state of being. Nature is most commonly associated with relaxation, which is why so many choose recreational activities such as hiking, kayaking and gardening as a means to decompress from the stress our busy lives inflict on us. A complete calm settles in when we reconnect ourselves with our biological roots.

The Significance Of Flowers Through The Centuries

From cultural beliefs and rituals to medicinal uses, flowers have played an important role in many cultures across the globe. For example, Feng Shui, a traditional pseudoscientific practice originating from ancient China, uses energy forces, such as nature, to harmonise an individual with their surrounding. The practice believes that flowers stimulate the flow of sheng chi (positive energy), which amplifies luck and protects against negative outcomes. Flowers for medicinal purposes have been used for centuries and are still used today to treat ailments from anxiety, pain, fever and chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Communicate Your Innermost Feelings

We can often use flowers to convey a message that we can’t put into words, and they genuinely do a fantastic job. But, of course, we all know the power of a red rose and the warmth of a sunflower, so sometimes it’s just easier to let the petals do the talking. Since flowers all have different meanings, let’s take a look at a few popular buds and what they portray:

  • Rose – roses symbolise love and romance, although there is a more in-depth meaning with variety, colour, and quantity.
  • Lily – the innocent beauty of the lily has given it the association of purity and fertility.
  • Orchid – the flower symbolises love, beauty, luxury, strength and mature charm.
  • Hydrangea –  the hydrangea represents gratitude, grace, and beauty.
  • Tulip – the most known meaning of a tulip is perfect and deep love.

Flowers will remain a staple in bringing us closer to a meaningful life and will continue to bring us endless benefits.

A Constant Beauty

It’s a sad reality we live in; watching nature deplete as humankind makes more room for increasing population and industrial and residential demand. So it couldn’t be a more essential time to advocate for nature and preserve the one constant beauty the Earth has to offer. Take time to invest in the ground and plant a new life. Smell the flowers and then smell them again. Appreciate the beauty and energy that nature provides without asking anything in return. In a world slowly fading to grey, can you imagine the change that nature can bring?

Simply put, flowers are exceptional in every way. They help us express emotion, celebrate, mourn, and boast multiple health benefits from decreased stress and anxiety to herbal medicines to treat ailments and chronic conditions. So, if you need the help of flowers, and are looking for a florist in Cleveland, contact us today, and we will help you.

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