7 Tips for Safe Online Shopping and Guaranteed Authenticity


Fraud and counterfeiting of goods is a rife that happens every online shopping . This problem is certainly not only detrimental to consumers, but also copyright owners and the country’s economy.

In this regard, since 2006, the United States Department of Commerce has even routinely published a list of marketplaces suspected of selling counterfeit goods every year to raise awareness.

Well, to avoid buying fake goods, you can also follow these safe and reliable online shopping tips .

  1. Research Purchased Items

Before buying an item, it is important to do some research first. So, you can also find out the characteristics of the authenticity of an item, stock availability at other online stores , and prices on the market.

This is done to avoid fraud. Moreover, if you do not understand the goods purchased. 

  1. Pay Attention to Product Pictures

Based on the results of this research, you can also find out the authenticity of the product images offered in online stores.

If there are differences from one image to another, then you may be suspicious of the authenticity of the goods offered. Moreover, if the price offered is much cheaper than other stores.

  1. Check the Item Description First

When looking for the item you need, you should carefully read the entire description. Sometimes, what is in the product image is different from the original condition of the item, you know.

For this reason, it is important to carefully read the description of the item to be purchased, especially if you are shopping online.

  1. Pay Attention to Buyer Reviews

In addition to descriptions, you can also find out the quality and authenticity of goods from buyer reviews. Even so, be careful with fake reviews on these online stores . 

Usually, fake reviews use exaggerated, nonsensical sentences and images of products from other stores.

In addition, they often mention the name of the product repeatedly. So, make sure you are observant and careful!

  1. Check Product Prices

Indeed, not all cheap prices equal counterfeit goods. However, don’t be tempted by lower prices. You can compare prices with other sellers first.

Well, if the price offered turns out to be below the market, then you can be more vigilant and suspect that the product is fake and has low quality.

  1. Choose the Right Payment Method

When shopping online, avoid using payment methods that are not clear and are not available in these marketplace options.

  1. Make sure to buy at a trusted online store

The last and most important step is to make sure that the online store you are visiting is trusted. You can check the online store by using social media. 

Trusted online stores usually interact actively with customers, have clear origins, provide national bank accounts, and often conduct product reviews and live broadcasts, such as on delfinasport.com

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