7 Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Men’s fashion has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. Gone are the days where only women can tap into the latest trends. Men have more choice, can be more daring, and are free to express themselves in ways that society would have shunned in the early 2000s.

But with more power comes more responsibility. And more choice means more opportunities to make men’s fashion mistakes.

And you don’t need to read every issue of Esquire or study all the red carpet looks to learn what to and what not to wear. All you need are a few key rules to live by so you can create winning looks every day for every occasion.

This is a helpful list of all the most common mistakes so you know what you avoid and what you should do instead.

1. Wearing Clothes That Are the Wrong Size

If you are a man of a certain age, you likely do not have the same body type and size that you did when you were 18-years-old. And that’s 100% normal! But it means that you likely should not be wearing the same size you bought back then.

And wearing clothes that are too small for you is not a good, or professional, look.

Another common problem for men who have more to love is to wear clothes that are too big that drown their shape. They think it helps hide their size, but all it does is highlight it.

To figure out your correct size, find a t-shirt you like and pick it up in every size. Start with the biggest and work your way down until the shoulder seam is in line with the outside of your shoulder. If it rests on the top part of your arm, it’s too big.

If you are conscious about your size, use strategic layers to draw people’s eyes all over your frame. When wearing casual outfits for men, tuck in only the front part of your t-shirt and let the rest hang loose. This is a “french tuck” and will help streamline your middle.

2. Choosing Clothes That Aren’t Your Style

When you feel clueless about fashion, one of the most common men’s fashion mistakes is to follow a retail store assistant’s advice. They have no idea who you are or what your style is so they are not the best person to ask.

You also don’t want to walk around a clothing store and select items based on price.

To choose the right clothes when you have no idea what your style is, flick through a few magazines and find a celebrity whose style you like. Ryan Gosling, Harry Styles, and Idris Elba are all stylish men but they have very different styles.

Once you find someone you like, Google their name and see what other outfits they wear. The next time you hit the mall, enlist a friend to help you pick out pieces to create similar outfits. Who needs a personal stylist when you can steal the work of a famous person’s stylist?

3. Not Dressing for the Occasion

Sometimes it isn’t about wearing the wrong clothes, it’s about not wearing the wrong clothes for the wrong occasion.

There are casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions. You need to have outfits and clothes that can cater to all three types.

You can wear whatever you like for casual occasions. Sweatpants, jeans, and shorts are all fine. Khakis and jeans with a blazer work for semi-casual events and you need dress shirts and pants for formal events.

Invest in different types of shoes so you always have a range of options, too. Sneakers for casualwear, boots for semi-casual wear, and brogues for formalwear work great.

4. Putting on Too Many Accessories

When men want to look more stylish and hip, they are prone to throwing on tons of accessories and calling it a day. But your look will end up being too busy and all those necklaces, hats, rings, and belts will likely be impractical.

Follow Coco Chanel’s school of thought. She said, “when putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on.” This will ensure you don’t decorate yourself with accessories for menswear like a Christmas tree.

For most men, a watch, belt, and ring are enough. Reserve hats and scarves to wear with men’s seasonal clothes only.

5. Wearing Stained, Creased, or Torn Clothes

This is so obvious it should go without saying, but so many men think it’s acceptable to wear clothes that smell, have stains, or are past their best. To end any confusion, know that this is not cool.

Look after your clothes and throw away or donate anything with huge rips or holes.

6. Throwing on a Lot of Patterns and Colors

Wearing bright and daring outfits is difficult to pull off and very easy to get wrong. But you don’t want to run in the other direction and have a closet full of only black outfits.

Instead, choose one statement item when you put together an outfit in the morning. And everything else can be in a plain and neutral color like black, white, grey, or navy.

So, feel free to wear that neon orange jean jacket or flowery button-down shirt! But don’t team it with a pair of plaid pants or bright pink khakis.

7. Not Owning a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes (less than 20) that are timeless pieces you can mix and match to create new looks. This will stop you from getting overwhelmed when you get dressed in the morning.

Invest in high-quality items of clothing that will last ages like sun shirts for men, leather shoes, and 100% wool coats.

Avoid These Men’s Fashion Mistakes

Most men’s fashion mistakes aren’t about keeping up with trends or wearing clothes that are so last season. It’s about wearing clothes that fit you, suit you, and work together as an outfit. And if you follow these fashion tips, you won’t go far wrong.

Are you overhauling your look and in desperate need of some more fashion advice? Browse our website for all the latest style tips and grooming advice!

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