6 Styles of Shirts you must have in your Wardrobe


A shirt is a basic garment in a man’s wardrobe, which can be combined with multiple pieces and achieve from a casual and relaxed look to a more formal and elegant one.

Now, before buying a shirt, we must take into account aspects such as designJeffree star Shane Dawson merch, cut, color, fabric and even how we want to combine it.In addition, we cannot forget that getting the perfect garment also requires that we know the shape of our body, what looks good on us, and avoiding that it is neither too wide nor too narrow.

So, if you want to know the different types of shirts that exist, and which of these go best with your body type, personality and style when it comes to dressing, we share some of the most popular models of shirts that exist:

1.- Regular Fit Dress Shirt

It is a type of dress shirt that is characterized by having a wide, straight cut, being very long and with a width of the sleeve that covers the arm without tightening it.It is a very classic, simple and super comfortable cut. It adapts to all body types, although if you are very thin, this is not the best option for you.It is usually combined with pants and dress shoes for a formal outfit.

2.- Shirt with Turtleneck

If you want to get rid of the tie but without neglecting your elegant style, the turtleneck shirt is a good option.They can be combined very well with jeans and dress pants, although we suggest you opt for a classic color combination if you want your look to stand out.

3.- Short Sleeve Shirts

These types of shirts should never be combined with elegant accessories, such as bow ties, suspenders and a tie.It is ideal to wear in casual and formal outfits, and you can combine them with both jeans and dress pants.Now, if your style is hippie or boho-chic you can use this type of shirt with very colorful prints and floral or animal themes.

4.- Shirt with V neck

This type of shirt is ideal for a casual look, and it benefits you a lot when you want to look slimmer and taller.We recommend using a lightweight 100% cotton fabric for hot days; and a cotton-polyester blend for a more vintage look.

5.- Shirts with a Mock collar or Mao Collar

They are used in informal events and on very hot days, but it brings a lot of style and makes you look like a practical man but who cares about what he is wearing.You can use it following the button-up trend, which consists of buttoning it up and combining it with a bomber or blazer jacket.

6.- Checkered Shirts

It has become a classic in the life of every man, and you can combine it with both jeans and dress pants.If the shirt has large checks, never wear it with a formal suit and tie. Now, if it is small squares, you can use it with a tie but make sure it is a single color and smooth texture.

Tell us what other types of shirts do you wear frequently, visit Shane Dawson shirts to get your best one.

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