5 ways to show off your religion in everyday life


Nowadays, it seems like the world is going so fast and that we never get the chance to take a breather. And in these trying times with the coronavirus, staying grounded and having a faith to fall back on can keep you sane and help you navigate the everyday challenges we are facing. If you want to show off your religion in everyday life, follow these simple tips…

Get a religious tattoo

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to physically show off your faith is to have it etched onto your skin. Choose a quote from the bible that rings true to you or a religious symbol with great personal meaning, and ask a tattoo artist to design it for you. That way, whatever happens to you, God will always be by your side and you can be truly proud of who you are.

Wear religious jewelry

Another way to represent your faith is to wear religious jewelry, whether it’s a traditional Irish Celtic cross or a pendant you can wear around your neck. Your jewelry doesn’t have to be explicitly about religion if you’re worried about offending someone – the good news is that many of our traditional symbols and etchings are now fashionable amongst young people, and so won’t look out of place whatever you wear it with. Shop around and find something that represents you and who you are – a great grounding message that’s always with you.

Start your own bible study group

Speak with friends, family, and colleagues who are also religious and consider starting your own bible study group. Once per week, you can get together in person or over FaceTime and discuss a chapter or verse from the bible, chatting about how the lessons can be applied to modern life. Not only will you get to interpret the religious text on a deeper level, but you’ll hear from others and see how their faith has shaped their thinking and life choices. Inspiring!

Share your faith on social media

Nobody wants to be spoken down to or brainwashed on social media, but there is certainly nothing wrong with posting the occasional message related to your faith. Sharing a quote from the bible during a difficult time in your life or celebrating an event like Easter is perfectly acceptable, and by sharing it with others, you can spread the messages of faith and hope.

Buy a daily devotions book

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to get closer to your faith and always be in the know, why not buy yourself a daily devotions book and read up on your faith every morning? If you have your faith in your mind as you head into work or to volunteer, you’ll be able to guide others towards making more positive choices that benefit the whole community and the wider world.

Do you have any other ideas? Share them on social media and check back soon for more.

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