5 Types of Unique Cremation Urns You Need to Know About


There’s no certainty in life except for death.

When it comes to it, saying goodbye to a loved one isn’t easy. Looking back at all the beautiful memories that you shared, cherish these memories as a way of keeping them forever in your heart.

One of the many ways of cherishing a loved one’s memories is by preserving the remains after cremation in cremation urns.

With the cremation rate in America estimated to reach 72.8% by 2030, demand for cremation urns is rising.

There are many different types of urns that you can choose to inter your loved ones’ remains in.

In these modern times, there’s been an increase in the use of unconventional urns to fit personal needs and preferences.

Keep reading as we discuss the five types of unique cremation urns.

1. Keepsake Cremation Urns

As a way of holding on to a departed loved one, most people keep souvenirs such as jewelry, favorite clothing, and more.
Keepsake cremation urns offer an alternative solution for this.

Designed to hold small amounts of cremation ashes, keepsake urns allow family members and friends to hold on to their loved ones.

This helps families cope with the profound loss knowing that the departed on is still in their lives.

2. Companion Urns for Two

As the name suggests, companion urns are made for two people that have an unbreakable bond. Even after death, the family members choose not to break this bond like a couple.

Companion urns come in different varieties of designs, shapes, and sizes to fit other people’s personal preferences.

They’re classified into three categories.

  • Single urns
  • Split urns
  • Urns with compartments

Some families prefer to mix the ashes in one urn, while others prefer the split urn. The choice is based entirely on preferences.

3. Hobby Cremation Urns

These are very interesting options for sending off your loved one. Hobby cremation urns are designed to help family members remember their loved ones by what they loved doing most in their lifetime.

Although hobby cremation urns are relatively new in the market, their popularity is spreading like wildfire. This is due to their uniqueness.

People are buying these urns before their death and proudly displaying them in their homes.

4. Cremation Pendants

These are small cremation urns that have hidden hollowed out interior compartment which is filled with cremation ashes.

These pendants allow people to carry their deceased loved ones around. This gives them the feeling and satisfaction of being close to their loved ones.

For more information on cremation pendants, contact jewelry for ashes today.

5. Infant and Child Cremation Urns

There’s nothing as painful as losing a child. Losing a child feels like there’s no future.

This makes the infant and child cremation urns to be the most unfortunate product.

These urns play an essential role into the lives of parents that lost their child.

Make The Most Fitting Urn Choice For Your Loved One

With these different types of cremation urns, you can pick the most fitting choice for your loved one. This will keep the memories of your loved ones alive in the best possible way.

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