5 Techniques Used in Batik Fabrics Sold at a Shop in Singapore


You will often see people wearing a batik dress or shirt in Singapore. However, the design originated in Indonesia and came up with different techniques for making the fabric. Here are five unique techniques for creating batik patterns and designs.

#1 Canting Tulis

The intricate process of manufacturing batik is known as Canting Tulis. Canting is a tiny copper and wood container with a nose that discharges hot wax when pulled. It makes any shirt or midi dress at shops in Singapore look sophisticated.

#2 Printing

Printing is another technique for manufacturing batik that has gained popularity in several commercial batik industries. This approach requires less artisanal skill because it mainly depends on machines to complete its function. You can distinguish this batik cloth through the absence of a pattern on the underside of the fabric of the linen shirt or dress in Singapore.

#3 Cap

Canting Tulis is not the same as Cap since it functions similarly to a stamp. Wax covers the Cap before artisans delicately transfer it into the cloth through stamping. This technique requires a tiny instrument with a very flat base. Using this process lets artisans make batik fabric for a shop in Singapore.

#4 Jumputan

Jumputan or Celup Ikat is a method that uses the same procedure as tie-dye. This method makes it very simple to produce batik designs on fabric. It is one of the fastest ways to create batik fabrics sold in a shop in Singapore and abroad.

#5 Colet

Colet is the last technique people can use to create batik. This technique is akin to painting a batik design on fabric. Like Canting Tulis, it requires skilled artisans to paint lovely patterns on the cloth. The more intricate and elaborate they are, the more costly a batik shop in Singapore or abroad can sell them.

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