5 Classic Professional Grade Timeless Watches and Watch Dials That You’ll Fall in Love With


Watches are more than just time tellers – ask any watch lover and they’ll be able to justify their love for classic watches for the fact that they look absolutely classy and can transform even a simple look into a sheer personification of sophistication. So, if you’re a watch lover who values accuracy as much as design, then this guide about the 5 timeless Bremont watches for men is just the right choice for you. Read through to explore the stunning range that we have exclusively handpicked for you. 

  1. Supermarine S500 Blue Dial Watch with a Rubber Strap

This robust watch with 26 jewels is water resistant up to 43 mm. Aside from the fact that it has an interesting practical design, there are many other features – listed below – that are just too good to be overlooked. 

  • It has a stainless steel Trip-Tick® case construction.
  • It has a domed anti-reflective surface that is scratch resistant.
  • It has a decorated rotor. 
  • It has a BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve.
  1. The ALT1-C Polished White Dial 

This is a one of its kind Bermont watch dial in polished steel. Its luxurious design is an inspiration from the Victory Limited Edition from 2012. Some of the breathtaking features of this watch dial are listed below. 

  • It’s impact resistant. 
  • It has a high fatigue resistance. 
  • It has a classy polished finish that’s scratch resistant too. 
  1. ALT1-P2 Blue Dial Bracelet

A perfect classic for aviation professionals who require clarity as much as accuracy, this Bermont watch is subsumed with many other features like the ones listed below. 

  • It has a modified calibre 13 ¼”’ BE-53AE automatic chronometer with 42 hour power reserve.
  • It has a hardened stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick® case construction.
  • It is up to 10 ATM water resistant.
  1. Boeing Seattle Model 1 White Dial 

Exclusively designed for aviation professionals, this watch dial is a classic piece with the following features. 

  • It has a custom 465® stainless steel body.
  • It has a Trip-Tick® case construction with an integrated crown guard.
  • It has a crystal case base. 
  • It has rubber anti-shock mounts.
  • It has a modified calibre 11 ½”’ BE-36AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve.
  • It is up-to 10 ATM water resistant. 
  1. Martin Baker III Orange Barrel Metal Bracelet 

This is a classic watch that’s a tribute to aviation professionals. Some of its most advanced features that you should be aware of are listed below. Have a look! 

  • It is constructed to support the GMT movement that’s able to simultaneously keep the time in two time zones.
  • It is shock resistant as well as vibration resistant in extreme conditions. 
  • It is temperature resistant too. 

These are the top 5 picks that we have for you today. You can also check the link, https://atelierlou.com/product-tag/bremont-watch-company/ for a detailed list of all the watch collections that they have. 

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