4 anime series that you should not miss and where to watch them


Present in the childhood of many for years, it has not been until about a decade or two ago that anime and Japanese culture began to take root in our country to a greater extent and now form a large part of the catalog of the main video platforms request.

Whether you are new to this or are an otaku , we want to take advantage of the arrival of summer to recommend 4 anime series that are currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video , and that collect some classics of the genre with some of the latest releases from Japan. Check this Anime items for anime fans only.

It is possible that you are missing a series that you are following right now, so we encourage you to share your favorite anime series in the comments .

Anime on Netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion

We could not miss one of the most recent additions to the Netflix catalog in our country, which, despite having been released in 1995, is still one of the biggest anime cult series .

« On September 13, 2000, a huge meteorite collided with Antarctica, causing the melting of the South Pole and the consequent flooding and destruction of all coastal cities, leaving the Earth in a state of crisis, natural catastrophes, and under less than half of the world’s population. Fifteen years later, the city of Tokyo-3 is attacked by a mysterious giant organic being .

The story centers around Shinju Ikari, a 14-year-old who joins the pilots of NERV, the UN organization that fights against the so-called “Third Angel”, and who fights with the help of giant robots called EVA.

Although Neon Genesis Evangelion is available in full on Netflix , it is only the first season of a huge series of movies and series.

Cowboy bebop

Another great classic that refuses, and with good reason, to be forgotten is Cowboy Bebop, an anime that we could well classify under the genre “all” . And it is that the series is developed in a mixture of science fiction, police, noire, comedy, and even western.

« In the year 2022 a series of hyperspace gates are built that facilitate the creation of colonies on other planets. When one of these gates, very close to Earth, explodes, it literally destroys half of the Moon and devastates the surface of planet Earth, killing billions of people.

While the majority of the population chooses to migrate to colonies on other planets, those who decide to stay on the planet are forced to live underground due to the constant fall of lunar fragments on the surface of the Earth .

In this anime, the director Shinichiro Watanabe tells us the adventures of Spike and Jet Black, and how they end up forming their peculiar group of bounty hunters while traveling through the solar system in their Bebop ship, which ends up in the confrontation with a old friend of Spike himself.

Short but very powerful, the first and only season of Cowboy Bebop is now available on Netflix. In addition, an empty file currently appears that makes us think that the platform is preparing to bring a new version of this series , presented as one of the Netflix Originals.

Samurai Champloo

Another of Watanabe’s great works and a cult piece for fans not only of anime, but also of animation in general. With a narrative and character construction very similar to Cowboy Bebop, it can be said that the art design and plot of this series have enough force to establish itself as its own.

Thus, the series tells the story of two quite stubborn samurai who face each other to death, at least until a waitress convinces them to find a samurai who “smells like the perfume of sunflower seeds”, thus postponing their duel and starting a curious adventure together.

Resolved in a single season and without the arrival of any movie after its end, we will be able to see the complete Samurai Champloo series through Netflix.


“ In the near future, the ability to instantly measure and quantify a person’s mental state and personality makes it possible to calculate the probability that that person will commit crimes. Information recorded and processed as the «Psycho-Pass», a number associated with a color that refers to the danger of each person «.

The story introduces us to Shinya Kougami, a law enforcement officer whose task is to fight crime, committed or not, while dealing with various philosophical issues that will make us see and doubt the different perspectives of the protagonist, the antagonist, and himself. system that governs society.

In addition to the two complete seasons of the series , which are developed more as parallel stories than as a true continuation, we can also find the Psycho-Pass movie on this platform.

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